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Do you own a shop or bar? Are your shelves low on America’s favorite cigars and cigarillos admired by smokers? Would you like to restock cigarettes for your personal use? And the critical question: are you tired of overpaying when you buy tobacco products?

With Shisha Hooker Palace, you can have all your favorite brands on tap, no sweat. From Benson & Hedges to Dunhill and Backwoods – we make it easy to order tobacco products online and deliver them fast, so you or your clients can savor their rich, premium taste and smooth finish. All our cigars, cigarillos, and cigarettes are authentic, with pricing that lets you make a mint.

Tobacco products for sale

Because we prioritize affordability and authenticity, our collection comprises top brands only. It lets you find perfect smokable products, regardless of the type, taste, and flavor you prefer.

Cigarettes? Cigars? Mini cigars? At Shisha Hooker Palace, you can snatch the best-selling tobacco products online that will make a hit assortment in your establishment:

  • Loose-rolling and pipe tobacco. Golden Virginia tobacco is here to make it into your smokes, whether you’re about to roll your own cigarettes or smoke with a pipe. It is suitable for both experienced smokers and beginners.
  • Classic cigars. Backwoods and Gordito are favorites among cigar fans for their shape, unique taste, and rich and complex flavor that satisfy even the most discerning smokers. Made using 100% natural tobacco of the premium grade, these are perfect for those looking for a high-quality smoke at a slash price.
  • Renowned cigarillos. The best from Dutch Masters pack a tasteful punch and are ideal for those who love cigars but want quick full tobacco relish. You don’t have to invest in a humidor with cigarillos, so breathe.
  • Premium cigarettes. Marlboro, Dunhill, and Winston have long been gold standards of quality and have a huge loyal following among smokers worldwide. You can’t blame them for their delicate classic tobacco taste and mild aftertaste.

Buy tobacco products in packs of many

Do you buy an average of 2 boxes of cigars a month? We have special conditions for you to save. 10 boxes a week? We have even more exciting prices. 50 or 100 boxes? Expect to pay so much less!

No matter how many packs you buy, the Shisha Hooker Palace online tobacco store puts jaw-dropping prices first all the time. We monitor what changes the brands introduce to their products and are always ready to please you with authentic smokes at a lower cost.

Don’t waste your time or money on overpriced tobacco products. Shop for cigarettes and cigars online and get wholesale quote offers on all your favorite brands!

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