Wholesale lighters at rock-bottom prices

Meet the essentials you can’t go without when smoking shisha, lighting cigarettes, or having fun with a glass bong. Our selection of lighters for sale is here to fill the bill. With our wholesale prices for disposable pocket lighters, you can enjoy the best flames and value when getting your smokes in front of your customers.

Why settle for a generic lighter that may not even last through a single use? Treat yourself to what Shisha Hooker Palace has to offer for reliable flames.

USB cigarette lighters for sale

Has it happened to you that your lighter’s fork spring went south at the most inopportune time, or the wind didn’t allow you to start a shisha session? By ordering USB lighters for sale, you can say goodbye to the frustration of dead sparks forever. USB pieces are the future of effortless fire-starting because they are: 

  • Rechargeable and evergreen. With child-resistant USB lighters, you will no longer run out of fuel. Merely plug in your USB piece to charge, and you are geared up for days or even weeks.
  • Windproof. You can use them outdoors without worrying about the wind blowing out your flame.
  • Environmentally friendly. These lighters are not filled with gas, allowing you to use them guilt-free.

Buy lighters in bulk – Even easier on your pocketbook

Stocking up on lighters for your business or personal use doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For wholesale orders, our BIC disposable lighters allow you to save big while ensuring you always have a reliable spark on hand:

  • Lower cost per unit. Buying lighters in larger carton quantities means each piece costs less. Who doesn’t love saving even more?
  • Convenience. With a bulk supply of cheap lighters, you’ll never be without one when you need to spark up your hookah – no more rushing to the store for a single strike of a match and paying a premium. 
  • Lasting sparks. The lighters we sell are created to commercial standards and designed to withstand high-volume use. They have sturdy casings and are versatile.

Purchase lighters online

With Shisha Hooker Palace, you can get as many BICs as you wish. We are up for orders of up to 10,000 lighters with worldwide shipping.

It’s not just the prices that set Shisha Hooker Palace apart. All $199+ orders are placed with free shipping and are coupled with our 100% money-back policy. Plus, our team of experts can assist you around the clock with online support services. 

Put last-minute frustrations and waiting in line behind you. Browse our BIC and USB selection on your phone, tablet, or computer. Order cigarette lighters online, and your pieces will be immediately shipped to the specified address.

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